You might not have heard of Tulipop yet, but the chances are you will in the future. The folks behind the Tulipop brand are Signy Kolbeinsdottir and Helga Arnadottir, who have created a new animated world populated by a bunch of curious of characters they describe as “cuddly and gothic and strongly inspired by forms and colours in nature”. Their fabulous shop, which was recently opened at top of Skólavörðustígur Hight Street in Reykjavík (near the big church) is filled with cuddly toys, puzzles, water bottles and all sorts of useful accessories featuring the main stars of their imaginative line-up such as “Bubble, a shy and dreamy mushroom boy and Gloomy, an adventurous mushroom girl, who loves surprises and cheeky little pranks…”. The endearing quality of their creations is that, like humans, they are all flawed, they also challenge gender stereotypes and are protective of nature. I think my favourite character is Fred, who is supposed to be a bit stinky and clumsy but nonetheless kind-hearted with “extraordinary hearing, night vision and taste.”

We visited their store the other day and took some pics of the Tulipop merchandise. With all those colourful and eye-catching characters you can see why the brand has been a success!

Tulipop 02 © RomanG Tulipop 03 © RomanG Tulipop 04 © RomanG Tulipop 05 © RomanG Tulipop 06 © RomanG Tulipop 07 © RomanG Tulipop 08 © RomanG Tulipop 09 © RomanG Tulipop 10 © RomanG Tulipop 11 © RomanG Tulipop 13 © RomanG Tulipop 14 © RomanG Tulipop 16 © RomanG

We visited the lovely store the other day and can see why their story has been a great success. You can watch the first few episodes in English via their Youtube page.