Akureyri Botanical Gardens. All images by Roman Gerasymenko

During the summertime this botanical garden in is an unexpected paradise of trees, flowers and shrubs with stunning views overlooking the fjord. It’s the northernmost botanical garden in the world and was established by some of the local women in 1912, with the botanical section opening in 1957. Walking through the beautiful garden with its abundance of rich flora is a pleasant and peaceful experience and the perfect place to contemplate the diversity of life. Growing in the garden beds and nurseries are thousands of plant species, with around 430 that are native to Iceland. Apart from being a centre of research and education, the botanical garden also functions as an important seed bank. Located on Eyrarlandsvegur, the garden is open daily from June to October between 08:0022:00; weekends 09:00 – 22:00 (tel:462-7487).