The not-so-secret-anymore Secret Lagoon is a natural hot spring-cum-swimming pool located close to Icelandair Hotel Flúðir (pronounced: flueth-ear) which is around an hour’s drive from Reykjavík and not far from Gullfoss and Geysir. Also known as Hvammslaug, the pool has become, of late, a popular (and more reasonable priced) alternative to Iceland’s star attraction, the Blue Lagoon. This once obscure bathing spot, established in the small village of Flúðir in the late 19th century, is said, not only to be the first swimming pool in Iceland but also the first to ever offer swimming lessons. It was used regularly until a modern swimming pool was opened in the area in 1947, which was used in favour of the traditional hotspot. The lagoon fell into disuse and remained neglected until it was renovated and reopened a few years ago by a local farmer named Björn, who installed basic new facilities including changing rooms, showers, and a reception area.Secret Lagoon 002 © RGWe made a nice relaxing stop there recently on our little road trip to South Central Iceland with our good friends Claire and Carl from the UK. The pool of gently steaming, clear water, which is perfectly heated to those toasty temperatures between 38-40° all year round, is surrounded by a number of geothermal hot spots featuring a miniature Geysir that erupts to the delight of guests every 5 minutes or so. We were treated to some glorious winter sunshine during our visit, but I imagine it’s even more sensational to float in its invigorating waters during an epic Icelandic summer sunset or underneath the dancing Northern Lights. Their website is full of fabulous images with a visitors gallery featuring shots of the Secret Lagoon in all different kinds of weather and times of the day. We might just have to return soon for a midnight-sun bathing session.

Visit the Secret Lagoon’s official website for more information on prices, location and facilities. 
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