Tales from Iceland is a brand new cultural attraction in Reykjavík offering visitors a unique insight into both Icelandic culture and nature. Installed in an old, downtown movies theatre, which was once famous for hosting legendary gigs by both The Kinks and The Fall, this new exhibition centre features a remarkable collection of gorgeous film footage and breaking news stories from Iceland.Tales of Iceland

The core of the Tales from Iceland experience is delivered via numerous multi-media stations installed on both floors of the building. The ground floor is dedicated to all things nature, with the theme of seeing Iceland through the fresh eyes of foreign guests. The result is a marvellous collection of high definition short films made by tourists capturing their experiences with both Icelandic nature and some impressions of the locals too. Tales of Iceland

While the newly-renovated museum has kept some of the original artistic features of the building, the fresh look is both modern and minimalist with a design that still manages to project that distinctive theatre vibe. As you walk between the stations, different sounds issues from various spaces, creating an intriguing soundtrack of running water, rumbling volcanoes and the call of wild birds.

On the upper floor, visitors can see an exhibition featuring clips compiled using actual TV news footage from the many times Iceland made the headlines, both at home and abroad. Volcanoes, politics, music, football and scandals: it’s all in there with some fascinating facts too. There’s also a fun photo op with one of Iceland’s media icons and national treasures, Ómar Ragnasson.

It’s amazing to see how much content has been produced on Iceland in past few years. I remember when I first visited and the only information I could find on Iceland was an old outdated book in the library. This new exhibition is a truly marvellous way to learn about Iceland and a great starting point for anyone who plans on travelling around this gorgeous little country at the top of the world. Highly recommended, for both locals and tourists, but especially for first-time visitors to Iceland. 

For more information on this new attraction visit the official Tales From Iceland website where you can download both a brochure and exhibition guide.