Reykjavík in the Snow!

Reykjavík in the snow is lovely but when the snow show is over and the sun comes out, as it did this weekend, it's even more delightful! There are plenty of sno...

Record amount of snow falls in Reykjavík!

Snowfall in Reykjavík reaches record-breaking proportions! An extraordinary amount of snow fell in Reykjavík last night with measurements reaching record-break...


All images by Roman Gerasymenko If you're currently in Reykjavík and wondering where all the snow is; look no further! It's here; captured on all these pret...

Time to Hit the Slopes

Skiing at Blafjoll near Reykjavik is a great day trip. The Icelandic snow makes for great skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities.


Ok, so snow in Iceland may not seem like breaking news, but winter has been decidedly un-wintery in the capital until now. I’m not complaining about warm weather, but it’s lovely to have snow at last, especially in the lead up to Christmas.