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City of Reykjavik has launched a project to help visitors and locals connect.

Christmas in Reykjavik

Christmas has arrived in Reykjavik with shopping, great cafes and cozy atmosphere.

tree wool


ICELAND’S KNITTING CRAZE AND THE WONDERS OF ICELANDIC WOOL. For many years, belonging to a ‘sewing circle’ in Iceland meant many things that invariably had little to do with sewing. But in the past few years, sewing circles have become more true to their moniker, and knitting in particular has become so popular it’s now […]

Photo by Karen Thor.

Three Top Spots for Handmade Jewelry

  Reykjavik and its surroundings are brimming with handmade jewelry shops featuring local artistry of a very high level.  Here are some of my top spots. Sigga & Timo (Linnetsstig 2) is located in Hafnarfjordur, about a 15 minute drive from Reykjavik city centre, and features designs in gold, silver and other materials.  They will […]