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Christmas decorations at Pipar og Salt.


It’s a lovely time of year to wander around downtown Reykjavik soaking up the festive atmosphere. Shops are open until 10pm from today.

City of Reykjavik has launched a project to help visitors and locals connect.

Christmas in Reykjavik

Christmas has arrived in Reykjavik with shopping, great cafes and cozy atmosphere.

One of many river crossings on the Laugavegur

Hiking the Lava-ly Laugavegur

You may have heard of the Inca Trail, Camino de Santiago and the Appalachian Trail, all popular overnight treks with their own merits.  But did you know that Iceland has its own world class hike?  It’s called the Laugavegur and it’s only a three hour drive from Reykjavik to the most common starting point, the […]

You don't have to travel far from the capital to go rock climbing in Iceland right now: this was in Reykjavík's main street today.

Reykjavik’s Laugavegur for pedestrians

Reykjavík’s Laugavegur becomes a pedestrian street A large section of Reykjavík’s main street, Laugavegur, is closed to traffic for the whole of July this year. On July 1 the “summer street” was officially opened by Mayor Jón Gnarr. Laugavegur is one of the city’s busiest commercial strips and is also where you often come across […]