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The Blue Lagoon. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Going all-in for the flip-flop and bath robe ensemble at the Blue Lagoon!

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Captivating Iceland

With its captivating landscapes, Iceland has always been a drawing force for film makers and photographers from around the world. Below are just a couple of the recent videos trending on the internet featuring some of Iceland’s supermodels of nature ‘Passing Through‘ is a stunning video made by Kristian Ulrich Larsen and Olafur Haraldsson, where […]

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A record number of travellers came to Iceland in January to enjoy the snow, skiing, northern lights and other Icelandic winter delights.

Perlan+winter - Version 2


When Iceland lives up to its icy name, dress up and enjoy! Wintery weather in Reykjavik won’t keep you indoors for long…

Hot Pot at Laugardalslaug swimming pool.

The Reykjavik Pool Experience

As Icelandic As It Gets The Reykjavík Pool Experience First, a note on the Blue Lagoon Given you’re reading this blog, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard about the Blue Lagoon. But still, before I move on to the public pool experience, I just can’t stop myself from adding to the plethora of Blue Lagoon […]