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A beautiful late September day on the Siglufjordur waterfront.

The Prettiest Village in Iceland? Say Hello to Siglo!

People often ask me what I think is the prettiest village in Iceland.  After a visit to Siglufjordur, oft referred to as Siglo to seemingly help visitors like me who struggle to pronounce Icelandic words over five characters long, I am ready to declare my choice.  Nestled in a postcard perfect fjord in the north of the country, this is a quintessential Nordic village that […]

Agent Fresco at Innipukinn 2011

Iceland’s biggest party weekend!

During the first weekend of August Icelanders celebrate their annual Merchant’s Weekend or ‘Verslunarmannahelgi’ – if you’re having problems pronouncing it, I recommend a trip to the Reykjavik Beer School or any local pub really; after a few classic Icelandic beers, those seven syllables will be rolling off your tongue like a simple song – well […]

Winter in North Iceland. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Unique North of Iceland

The North of Iceland is certainly stunning across all seasons, however it’s particularly wonderful in the wintertime when the snow falls in abundance creating a new collection of fairytale landscapes and wonderlands, all illuminated of course by the winter sun and the Northern Lights. This is the time of year where activities such as skiing […]