Ostabúðin Restaurant is an excellent dining option for those visitng Reykjavík

Great to see Ostabúðin, one of our favourite local restaurants, featured on the new Dining Advisor videos on Youtube. Pronounced ‘osta-booth-in’, its name translates as ‘the cheese shop’ and it’s the only delicatessen/restaurant in the city centre of Reykjavík. The shop sells a selection of quality Icelandic cheese, meats and some delicacies from abroad while the adjoining restaurant serves a variety of tasty soups, meat and fish dishes. We’ve tried almost everything on their menu, from the wonderful cheese platter and wild Icelandic lamb to the Arctic char. But our favourite dish, so far, is the ‘rauðspretta’ or ‘plaice’ served with fresh potatoes, carrots and marinated shrimp in apple vinaigrette. So very delicious!

For more information and bookings visit Ostabúðin’s Facebook page. Tip! Bookings should be made before 6:30 pm, especially if you’re planning a visit between 7-9 pm. 

Ostabúðin 1 © Roman Gerasymenko Ostabúðin 2 © Roman Gerasymenko Ostabudin 3 © Roman Gerasymenko Ostabúðin 7 © Roman Gerasymenko