Children at Hallgrimskirkja enjoying Prokofiev

The Reykjavik Winter Lights festival is in full swing here, and as I listened to ‘Peter and the Wolf’ at Hallgrímskirkja church this afternoon, one of the festival’s events for children, I started wondering if Reykjavik has more festivals than your average city.

I saw the film ‘The Artist’ on Thursday (one of the few films I’ve seen where the audience applauded at the end) on the final night of Reykjavík’s French Film Festival.

Thursday was also the first day of the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival, a four-day annual event that both celebrates the return of more daylight hours as winter recedes, and brings light to the city through art, music, dance, food and wine.

In just over a week we’ll have Bun Day (Bolludagur), ‘Exploding Day’ (Sprengidagur) and Ash Day (Öskudagur), involving cream-filled buns, lamb and pea soup, and children in fancy dress singing for sweets. More about those later.

The point is, Reykjavik seems to have a festival or festive day every other week and if you’re heading this way, it’s worth checking the events schedule. (If you’re having trouble finding information for the exact dates of your visit, feel free to ask us on our facebook page).

So for me, it’s back to the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival. Last night was Museum Night, with a free bus service shuttling everyone between museums, open until midnight. Tonight I’m tossing up between the pool (several swimming pools open until midnight with live music, DJs and other performances) or checking out photos from the photography festival ‘Voices Off’ at Kex Hostel (I love photos, I love Kex, what could go wrong?!).

Tomorrow I’ll head for the Lego wonderland at the Town Hall. Though if the weather’s as good as it was today, it’ll be tempting to head for the slopes too – with music, snowboarding shows and a torch parade (once it’s dark) at Bláfjöll skiing field, just outside Reykjavik.

Lights display at Hallgrimskirkja tonight, part of the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival

Here’s the full festival schedule in English.

And here are a few of the other festivals we’ve mentioned on Airwaves, Dark Music Days, Reykjavik International Film Festival