The Reykjavík air show in photos!

Iceland’s aviation geeks came out in full force over the weekend during the city’s biggest air show to date. Over 40 different aircraft of all shapes and sizes took part in the show, which was held in celebration of the 80th anniversary of Icelandair and the National Aviation Society (Flugmálafélagið Íslands). Highlights of the show included a variety of entertaining aerial performances, demonstrations by the search and rescue services, exhibitions featuring gliders, antique planes, jet engines, microlights and a special visit from the Canadian Air Force who turned up in an F18 fighter jet!  The air show, which was presented with live commentary by Icelandic legend of stage and screen, Gestur Einar Jóhannsson, was hosted by Iceland’s National Aviation Society (Flugmálafélag) and sponsored by Icelandair and Ísavia.
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