See the northern lights in 360°

The first ever 360° video of the northern lights shot in real-time was released last week by the folks at Aurora Reykjavík – a special visitors centre dedicated entirely to the phenomena with great interactive educational tools, impressive displays, tips on where and when to see the lights and how to photograph them successfully. Most films of the northern lights are the result of the time-lapse techniques where a series of long exposure photographs are sequenced together. This new video, however, is shot in real time, which gives viewers a more realistic experience of what the auroras look to the naked eye. Although this isn’t the first real-time video shot of the auroras, it is the first ever worldwide release of a real-time video of the northern lights shot using 360° technology. The video, which was shot in cooperation with Sony, using some of their high-end cameras, took many months to produce and features countless hours of footage recorded in both in Kerið in South Iceland and on the Snæfellsnes peninsula.

Click here to view the video. The staff at Aurora Reykjavík encourage you to spin your phone or tablet around when viewing the video. Enjoy!