Photos of the Northern Lights from Borgarfjörður in Iceland

It’s been a while since we’ve been on a night drive to see the northern lights, so to remedy that we recently hopped on a Grayline bus, joined lots of other aurora hunters – many of whom were visiting Iceland for the first time – and drove out to the region of Borgarfjörður in the west of Iceland. I have to say that I was relieved not to be driving for once: when those northern lights come out it becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate on the road. Speaking of which, you might be interested to know that quite a few people have been pulled over by the police this year for driving under the influence of the auroras! After a very informative and entertaining ride with our wonderful guide, the driver and his cat Siggi, the green ghosts of the Northern Lights appeared. Faint at first but growing brighter until the entire sky was filled with dancing lights. We stayed to watch the impressive show which, according to the northern lights forecast, was a level two intensity rating. We also took the opportunity to try out our new lens to see how well it captures the auroras. Not bad, eh?

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Northern Lights 032 © Roman Gerasymenko Northern Lights 023 © Roman Gerasymenko Northern Lights 021 © Roman GerasymenkoNorthern Lights 069 © Roman GerasymenkoNorthern Lights 052 © Roman GerasymenkoNorthern Lights 083 © Roman GerasymenkoNorthern Lights 046 © Roman GerasymenkoNorthern Lights 094 © Roman Gerasymenko