Looks like we’re set for another great northern lights season here in Iceland! It’s still only September and they’ve already been thrilling visitors to Iceland with their frequent appearances in the autumn skies! Here are some pictures from last night’s amazing show, which started before the sun had even gone down, and was still delighting countless people (most of whom were seeing them for the first time) way after midnight! a03v4092

If you plan on visiting Iceland to fulfil your dream of seeing the Northern Lights, it’s worth noting that there are many different types of tours available – from boat tours and coach trips to super-jeep adventures. Of course, you can also hire a car and go it alone, but if you’re new to Iceland, I’d definitely recommend going on a guided tour. Apart from the fact that you get all your northern lights questions answered by experts – who also give you a fascinating insight into all the associated legends and myths – you don’t have to deal with the typical winter road conditions in Iceland, which can be tricky (especially at night-time) for the newcomer. Most coach tours cost around 47 € ($50/40 GBP) and take up to 5 hours.

Wherever your travels take you, have a stellar evening!

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