Tonight’s the night to see the northern lights!

Northern Lights Reykjavik 007© Roman Gerasymenko

We’re expecting an impressive aurora show tonight as the plasma from two massive X-class solar flares reaches Earth. Unleashed from the sun on Wednesday morning, the solar activity is said to be the most powerful recorded since the year 2003. The solar storm, which, due to good weather and clear skies, should be visible tonight in parts of Iceland, including Reykjavík and most areas in south and west Iceland, is rated a whopping level 8 on the KP index which means we’ll be getting quite an intense show. Forecasts predict that the auroras will even be visible at lower latitude areas across the U.K and U.S.

If you plan on catching the show tonight, then it’s worth noting that the sight-seeing industry in Iceland is getting quite creative with their tours and have come up with some very novel ways for people to witness the auroras. We’ll be heading out on a Northern Lights Mystery tour with Grayline this evening, but you can also try a special aurora boat tour or the Northern Lights and Lobster super-jeep tour, which combines some aurora hunting with great food.  

As a little taster, here are some winter photos of a particularly colourful Northern Lights show we saw in Iceland a while back. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Northern Lights Reykjavik 006© Roman Gerasymenko Northern Lights Reykjavik 004© Roman Gerasymenko Northern Lights Reykjavik 003© Roman Gerasymenko Northern Lights Reykjavik 009© Roman Gerasymenko