Ram with ‘unicorn’ horn found in Iceland

Unicorn in IcelandA peculiar ram from Iceland has been attracting media attention around the world because of his horns which have fused together into one giant outgrowth giving him the appearance of a unicorn. The fantastic beast, named Unicorn or Einhyrningur in Icelandic, was born last year but came to the attention of his owners again around Christmas when he was discovered wandering around after accidentally being left behind during the autumn réttir or sheep round up. According to his owners, who run the Hraunkot sheep farm in Kirkjubæjarklaustur in south Iceland, the ram is calm and good-tempered despite his unsettling expression, which is said to be caused by the giant horn pulling his face back and making his eyes pop out as if he’s in a constant state of surprise – although he could just be good at impressions. Unicorn