Visit Julia & Julia during your stay in Reykjavík!

Julia & Julia is a delightful new culinary destination located in Reykjavík’s famous Culture House – one of the city’s most beautiful buildings – where you can enjoy lunch, brunch and a variety of fine beverages. Everything about Julia & Julia is gorgeous, and the setting, which invokes the atmosphere of a period drama, is simply perfect for their brand of exquisite pastries, sandwiches and fancy cakes. There are tasty vegan and vegetarian options on offer too for the conscientious consumer. Julia & Julia 001 © Roman GerasymenkoYou might well wonder if this Julia & Julia venture is a tribute to a Hollywood film of the same name, however, this lovely little establishment is simply named after the two fabulous ladies who co-founded it: Júlía Hvanndal Einarsdóttir and Julia Mai Linnéa Maria. Julia&Julia 002 © Roman GerasymenkoWe visited recently and were immediately tempted by the chocolate cake which was both delicious and light and went very well with a cup of hot chocolate. We were charmed with every detail and surprised, given the quality of the products and attention to detail, that it wasn’t more expensive. What a truly wonderful addition to Reykjavík’s rich and varied culinary scene. We can’t wait to visit again and try some of the other marvellous treats on offer.

Getting there: Julia & Julia is located in the Culture House on Hverfisgata 15, Reykjavík 101. Julia&Julia 003 © Roman GerasymenkoJulia&Julia 004 © Roman GerasymenkoJulia&Julia 008 © Roman Gerasymenko Julia&Julia 009 © Roman GerasymenkoJulia&Julia 013 © Roman Gerasymenko