Try out this great new interactive northern lights web page!

Learn all about the wonders of the northern lights with this fantastic new interactive website from Icelandair. Designed as a resource to enlighten people about the phenomena, the new web page features all sorts of fascinating information with explanations on what triggers them, what influences their shape and colour, plus a three-day aurora forecast. There’s also a bit of easy science, history and a summary of strange tales associated with the auroras. According to one Icelandic legend, pregnant women who gaze at the dancing lights will give birth to cross-eyed children! Apart from all the fun facts and folktales, the web page also features a fabulous interactive section where you can create your own aurora by adjusting three different sliders, which alter the colour and intensity of the lights. The idea is to help people understand how things like oxygen/nitrogen levels and altitude influence the colour and strength of the auroras. It’s certainly a great resource for those visiting Iceland and highly recommended for anyone interested in the wondrous spectacle.

Visit the new web page and play with its interactive features here: Aurora Borealis: uncovering the northern lights

Oh! and one more thing! There’s still a couple of months left to see the northern lights here in Iceland in case you want to book a package trip! What are you waiting for?