Cream-buns at Myllan bakery ready to go! Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Cream buns ready to go! Images by Roman Gerasymenko

I really can’t speak for the butchers or the candlestick makers, but I can certainly tell you that the bakers in Reykjavík have been hard at it all night long baking thousands of cream buns for the traditional Icelandic celebration known as Bolludagur, or “Cream Bun Day”. This day, which always falls on the Monday before Ash Wednesday, is a day of indulgence I look forward to every year; however, there’s a strange custom associated with Cream Bun Day that I’m definitely not going to tell my kids about, and that’s because I don’t fancy being rudely awoken on the morning of Bolludagur and beaten on my backside ’til I get out of bed with something called a bollluvendir, or “bun paddle”. Kids in Iceland apparently do this to their parents whilst shouting “bolla, bolla!” The object of this activity is to land as many wallops as possible before the poor parents get out of bed. Why would they do that? Because they score a cream bun for every successful hit. Crazy, but true!

Something to ruin your diet!

Naughty, but nice!