A flower for all the lovely ladies! Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Konudagur or ‘Wives’ Day’ is celebrated in Iceland in the first day of Góa, which, according to the Old Iceland Calendar, is the fifth month of winter.  Falling on a Sunday, somewhere between 18th-24th February, the tradition, which can be traced centuries back through Icelandic history, is a day of the year on which wives are particularly honored by their husbands, who are supposed to go out of their way to be attentive to them. To accommodate modern times and the complications of contemporary human relationships (and, no doubt to sell more flowers and chocolates) the term has been augmented to ‘Women’s Day’. Those with a penchant for superstitions will no doubt be paying close attention to the weather too; a wives’ tale of old says that the weather during Góa predicts the weather to come.