Today is Bóndadagur! 

Bóndadagur or husbands’ day marks the first day of Thorri, a date from the Old Iceland Calendar which is celebrated in Iceland annually, usually with men receiving flowers or being treated to something nice.

According to an old custom described in Árni Björnsson’s book on Icelandic holidays, on the first day of Thorri the man of the house was supposed to go outside dressed only in his shirt and one leg of his trousers (with the other leg trailing behind) and hop all the way around the house (or farm) bidding the month of Thorri welcome!

That’s not the only strange custom associated with this time of year though: During the month of Thorri, which this year lasts until 19th February, locals will also be celebrating with a mid-winter feast known as Thorrablót, a festival renowned for the consumption of terrifying, traditional Icelandic foods such as svið – singed lamb heads, cured ram’s testicles and a scary-looking selection of blood and liver puddings. You’ll find most of these delicacies already for sale at food stores here, with many restaurants offering a separate Thorrablót menu or buffet.