Join in all the fun at the annual Réttir! Réttir 003 © Roman Gerasymenko

If you like getting out and about in the great outdoors, then the annual Réttir is the event for you! It’s one of the highlights of the autumn season here in Iceland where everyone gets together to round up the sheep before winter. Since the sheep are free to mountains and valleys far and wide during the summer months where they can be seen munching on wild thyme and heather, there’s plenty of ground to cover and the farmers rely on the whole community to help with the gathering process; needless to say, additional help from visitors is always welcomed. Activities involve lots of walking and running in the brisk autumn air, chasing sheep, rounding them up and sorting them into pens. It’s not all hard work, though. The day is almost always topped off with Rettaball: an autumn feast – usually hosted at a local community centre – with lots of drinking, singing and some rather dangerous dancing.

Réttir 001 © Roman Gerasymenko

Take part in the fun!

The majority of events take place from mid- September through October with plenty of opportunities coming up for those who’d like to take part. For more information check out the official list of round-up events which has details of upcoming round-ups for both free-roaming sheep and horses. It’s in Icelandic but it’s fairly easy to figure out the list of locations and dates. Have a woolly good time!