The advantage of flying to Kangerlussuaq – one of Air Iceland Connect‘s destinations on the east coast of Greenland – is that you get a sensational view of the Greenland ice sheet: the second largest in the world after Antarctica. Our flight from Iceland, which took us directly across the vast, glistening expanse, was not only an incredible sight-seeing experience, it was also a glaring reminder of how precious our natural world is and how rapidly it’s changing. We had never flown in the summer before and were amazed to see countless sapphire-coloured melt lakes on the surface. These pools, which form during the warmer months, can hold massive amounts of water which can suddenly empty through hydro-fractures in the glacier with the force of Niagara Falls. One observation – made by scientists studying the ice sheet back in 2006 – saw a melt lake, which covered an area of 2 square miles (around 11.6 billion gallons of water) disappear in under 90 minutes. Needless to say, we spent most of the flight with our faces and camera lens pressed up against the windows. Below are some photos we took on the way.

Air Iceland Connect operate twice-weekly flights (Mondays and Fridays) from Iceland (Keflavík International Airport) to Kangerlussuaq during the summer. Visit the official web page for more information and bookings. 

Kangerlussuaq A03V0169A03V0156A03V0232 A03V0226 A03V0154 Greenland ice sheet Kangerlussuaq Greenland Ice sheet A03V0119A03V0116 Kangerlussuaq