DesignMarch is Reykjavík’s annual design festival offering a slew of design related events across the city today, tomorrow, and Sunday.DesignMarch2

DesignTalks got things off to an engrossing, fascinating start yesterday, with a whole day of enlightening presentations from leading thinkers and designers. Harpa concert hall sets the stage for this signature opening event, whose theme this year – our ongoing relationship with nature – can be engaged with throughout your time in Iceland.

The day’s talks had the audience in tears (the moving, funny, brilliant Paul Bennett of IDEO), had us rapt with admiration (Alexander Taylor’s masterclass in how to bring sustainability to industry with his Adidas/Parley collaboration), and had everyone entirely charmed (Christien Meidertsma’s process-led investigations that bring attention to forgotten things and can culminate in sweater-clad mini-musical masterpieces).

Nature, design, and change for the better of us all: If you’re in Reykjavík over the next few days, why not head outside, find yourself a space to stand still for a moment, open yourself up to the essential freshness of this uniquely invigorating city and then check out one of today’s many events. It’s like a weekend-long total organ transplant – your lungs, your heart, your eyes and your brain will thank you and love you forever.

Amongst many other events, we recommend a visit to Reykjavík Letterpress at Fiskislóð 24. Here, you can catch a glimpse of how letterpress printing is achieved, and come up with a phrase or word of your choice and have it printed on card.

Head to the 66°NORTH store at Laugavegur 17-19 for the launch of their collaboration with Icelandic designer Hildur Yeoman from 5pm today, or make your way to Kex Hostel at Skulagata 28 where you’ll find design presentations followed by a concert at 8:30pm.

Go to to see what’s on and where. DesignMarch