Today was the 4th and final day of Design March – an annual design festival held in Reykjavik since 2008. The city has been enjoying the extra focus on all things design – from graphic design shows, to fashion exhibitions, to designer food with a pop-up restaurant  featuring a different menu every day.

For those in the industry, Design March is all about meeting and mixing with fellow designers; and for the rest of us, it’s about marvelling at the latest the design world has to show us.

A personal favourite this year was the architecture expo at the Town Hall, complete with hands-on involvement for the next generation of city designers.

All photos from the Reykjavik Town Hall, 25 March 2012.

ps. Design March may be over for another year, but the Reykjavik Fashion Festival is now just around the corner too – March 29 to April 1 this year. So you can get your design fix next weekend too!