Culture Night is Reykjavík’s biggest annual event

Reykjavík City celebrated its 231st birthday this weekend during Culture Night with around 200,000 people coming together to take part in the festivities. The event, which also marks the start of Iceland’s cultural calendar, is arguably the country’s biggest and celebrated all day long with countless concerts, performances, exhibitions, street art shows, sporting events and scores of other activities. Some of the highlights included the Reykjavík Marathon, which the president of Iceland took part in, and a ‘Chocolate Cake Opera’ at the Culture House, where soprano singer Guja Sandholt, sang from the Bon Appétit opera while baking a chocolate cake. The evening culminated with a big outdoor concert followed by a colossal firework display by the harbour next to the Harpa building. The construction work and numerous cranes in the area might have provided a bit of a challenge for photographers, but they didn’t seem to hinder the festivities as thousands gathered at Arnarhóll hill to view the spectacular show. Culture Night 2017 147 © RomanG Culture Night 2017 148 © RomanG Culture Night 2017150 © RomanG Culture Night 2017151 © RomanG Culture Night 2017 153 © RomanG Culture Night 2017156 © RomanG Culture Night 2017157 © RomanG Culture Night 2017158 © RomanG Culture Night 2017159 © RomanG