Iceland Writer's retreat. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Highlights of the Iceland Writers Retreat

Aspiring writers from all over the world to take part in the first edition of the Iceland Writer’s Retreat

Iceland Music Experiments. Winners 2014

The Icelandic Music Experiments 2014

Iceland’s battle of the bands!

the creative force behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at the Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2014

A sneak peak behind the scenes!

Design March. 2014 Harpa. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Reykjavik Fashion Festival 2014

Design & creativity in the spotlight!

Design March , 2014, March, Harpa

Design March on Statigram

What’s engaging your gaze?

Design march 38 © Roman Gerasymenko

Design March 2014

Creativity and innovation blossoms in Reykjavik!


Justin Timberlake to perform in Reykjavik!

The prince of Neo Soul to visit Iceland this summer!

Circle 6 by Inuk Silis Høegh (Greenland/Denmark), Arild M. Kalseth (Norway), and Amelie Deschamps (France/Canada). Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Winter Lights Festival 2014

Everything is illuminated!

Flash-dancing like maniacs! Terrovision at last year's Sónar had everyone getting their kit off on the dance floor! Image by Roman Gerasymenko!

Sonar is back for 2014!

Sónar’s back in Reykjavík for a super second date of advanced music!

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