Connect with Björk using the latest VR technology! 

Until the end of December, visitors to Reykjavík will be to able immerse themselves in Björk’s sensational virtual-reality exhibition, which is currently installed on three floors of the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre. The exhibition is divided into five unique stations each furnished with state-of-the-art technologies delivering a progression of innovative audio-visual episodes. Starting with an intimate screening of Black Lake – just one of Björk’s videos featuring stunning landscapes in Iceland – visitors are treated to the first of an impressive series of virtual sound stages. The second space becomes more immersive as guests don Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones and HTC Vive headsets to view her Stonemilker video. This is the point where you realise you can turn around (thanks to the swivel chairs) and get the full 360-degree experience. Then it gets weird! The next station on the VR-Björk digital train stops right inside Björk’s mouth, where you get thoroughly chewed up by her twisting tongue and swirling teeth before being spat out into some beautifully-animated virtual-reality spaces. The impressive journey culminates in a very trippy interactive experience, you’re not likely to forget.

Note! If you’re planning on visiting this exhibition, please don’t wear makeup – it gets on the expensive headsets and spoils them. Also, at one point you’ll be given hand controllers: make sure you are holding them properly, otherwise, you might find yourself wearing your arms the wrong way around. Enjoy the show!

Tickets cost 2,900 ISK and can be purchased online at