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A beautiful late September day on the Siglufjordur waterfront.

The Prettiest Village in Iceland? Say Hello to Siglo!

People often ask me what I think is the prettiest village in Iceland.  After a visit to Siglufjordur, oft referred to as Siglo to seemingly help visitors like me who struggle to pronounce Icelandic words over five characters long, I am ready to declare my choice.  Nestled in a postcard perfect fjord in the north of the country, this is a quintessential Nordic village that […]

Iceland is as colorful inside as it is outside.

Inside a Volcano? Can’t Wait!

When I was about 10 at school we had to read Journey to the Center of the Earth.  While overall I found it difficult to get into, the one thing that intrigued me was the idea of descending down into a volcano.  This stuck with me and when I was old enough I started investigating if doing […]

A couple takes the plunge into Laugarvatn.

Take a Break by the Lake

On your Iceland holiday relax at the Laugarvatn Fontana spa, located on the Golden Circle route which features saunas and pools.


Time to Hit the Slopes

Skiing at Blafjoll near Reykjavik is a great day trip. The Icelandic snow makes for great skiing, snowboarding and other winter activities.


A Snowy Drive to Borgarnes

Take a winter’s drive in snowy Iceland from Reykjavik to Borgarnes, along the beautiful Hvalfjord…

One of many river crossings on the Laugavegur

Hiking the Lava-ly Laugavegur

You may have heard of the Inca Trail, Camino de Santiago and the Appalachian Trail, all popular overnight treks with their own merits.  But did you know that Iceland has its own world class hike?  It’s called the Laugavegur and it’s only a three hour drive from Reykjavik to the most common starting point, the […]

Photo by Karen Thor.

Three Top Spots for Handmade Jewelry

  Reykjavik and its surroundings are brimming with handmade jewelry shops featuring local artistry of a very high level.  Here are some of my top spots. Sigga & Timo (Linnetsstig 2) is located in Hafnarfjordur, about a 15 minute drive from Reykjavik city centre, and features designs in gold, silver and other materials.  They will […]

Northern Lights Over Reykjavik

Rare August Northern Lights

The Northern Lights put on a rare August display over Reykjavik last night.  Normally the Northern Lights are not visible until September.  Photo taken by Agust Ingvarsson on August 24, 2011.  

A small visitor explores one of the caves at Mariahellar.  Perhaps an elf?

Holler for the Hellar: Spelunking in Reykjavik

On a recent trip to Reykjavik I joined a friend and his young children, aged six and eight, on a spelunking excursion. We drove to Heidmork, a recreational area about a ten minute drive away from the city center and popular for walking, picnicking and cycling. Our destination? Mariuhellar, a group of small caves perfect […]

Bjork performs Biophilia

Bjork Live in Iceland: It’s in her DNA

Like many, I have had a long love affair with Iceland’s siren in a swan dress, and last night I was lucky enough to see her new show Biophilia at the Manchester International Festival.   As if that weren’t momentous enough, as I left the show wanting more, I found out she’d just announced six shows […]

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