Icelandair’s fabulous follow-up to their Christmas video is a must-see!

The folks at Icelandair are not done pulling our heartstrings yet! In their ongoing mission to delight us with the aww-factor, they’ve made a marvellous follow-up to their adorable, lovey-dovey “Welcome Home” Christmas story, which follows a young, love-sick Icelandic lad who’s pining away for his sweetheart in America. After seeing how miserable he is without her, his family club towards an Icelandair flight and surprise him with the best-ever Christmas gift. If you haven’t already seen it, watch it here first.

Their New Year video is a continuation of the endearing love story and equally captivating. It also features some of Iceland’s unique seasonal traditions such as St.Þorlákur’s Day, families getting together to watch Áramótaskaup – a comedy show broadcast annually on the 31st December sending up the year’s biggest news stories, and, of course, the crazy New Year’s fireworks in Reykjavík! Enjoy!