About Us

Reykjavik.com is a blog for and by those who love the world’s northernmost capital city. Here you’ll find musings on all things Reykjavik, from the best place to get coffee to tips on exploring the city and its surroundings. If you’re planning a trip to Iceland or are missing Reykjavik after a visit, this is the site for you.

The site is sponsored by Icelandair Group which focuses on international route network and tourism services with Iceland as a cornerstone. The Group has two main business areas:

  • Route Network: This business segment is focused on the well-established international and domestic route networks based on the Hub and Spoke concept that the Group has developed for the last decades.
  • Tourism Services: With focus on support to the route network as well as offering value-added service to tourists in Iceland and Icelanders travelling abroad.

Our Authors

About Lisa

Lisa Gail Shannen is a travel writer, song writer and singer from Manchester, England. She is also co-author with Jane Appleton of Frommer’s Iceland 2nd Ed. (2011).

Contact: lisa@reykjavik.com

About Jane

Jane Appleton is a translator and writer from Australia who lives in Reykjavik. She is co-author with Lisa Shannen of Frommer’s Iceland 2nd Ed. (2011) and some of her poetry translations appear in the bilingual poetry collection Gáttir/Gateways (2008). She’ll be sure to blog about her hit novel as soon as it’s published…

About Melissa

Melissa Andretta is an American living in Britain working for an Icelandic company. Don’t worry, even she gets confused.  She has worked for Icelandair in marketing since 2003 and has made 71 visits to Iceland in that time.  Her goal?  100 visits by 2013!  Every visit, she tries to do something new and looks forward to sharing those experiences.