Archive: February, 2013

Reykjavik Chess Open 2013. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

The Reykjavik Chess Open 2013

The brain power generated by these chess players is almost deafening!

A rose for me! Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Iceland celebrates Woman’s Day!

Time to be treated like a queen!

From Woodkid's 'I Love You' video

The making of Woodkid’s “I Love You” video in Iceland

Making music videos and adventures in Iceland!

Hands in the air at Sonar Reykjavik 2013. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Highlights of Sonar Reykjavik 2013!

Sparks flew between Reykjavik and Sonar this weekend! I think we may just have a new musical match made in electro-heaven! Let it strike again!

50 Crazy Romantic Things To Do In Iceland. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Iceland voted winter’s hottest new romantic destination!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Reykjaivk!

It's thumbs-up for the party in the pool! Image featuring Elisabet Thea. Photo by Roman Gerasymenko

Pool party in Reykjavik with Kitty Von-Sometime!

Music and glow-sticks in the party pool-mix!

Reykjavik City Hall 2013, in Winter Lights . Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival 2013

We do have a lot of festivals here don’t we?

Iceland. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Game of Thrones season 3, shot in Iceland

Nothing like growing real icicles on your bead for a bit of authenticity!

The beautiful Hateigskirkja church in Reykjavik. Photo by Roman Gerasymenko

Dark Music Days 2013 in Reykjavik

Some music to brighten up those dark days!