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GaGa hat. Image by Roman Gerasymenko

Icelandic fashion by the original GaGa!

Some hats to make heads turn!

Gay Pride 2014 Reykjavik 117 ©Roman gerasymenko

Reykjavik’s bid to host the World Outgames 2017

Reykjavik has become quite a beacon of rainbow coloured light, with much to be proud of!

Blue Lagoon Girls. Photo courtesy of Pink Iceland

Rainbow Reykjavik Winter Festival 2013

There’ll be a Rainbow over Reykjavik next weekend!

Eve Online - Convoy Returns

Eve Online 10th anniversary fanfest in Reykjavik

Calling all Capsuleers and their sisters for a party at the top of the world!

Jon Gnarr shows us how to party in the pool!

Jon Gnarr makes a splash at the Reykjavik International Games 2013!

You know it’s going to be good if Jon Gnarr shows up!

Fencing at the Reykjavik International Games 2013. Photo by Roman Gerasymenko

Reykjavik International Games 2013 start this weekend!

Sport fever hits town with the Reykjavik International Games 2013!

Northern Lights over the Blue Mountains in Reykjavik. Image by Roman Gerasmyenko

Reykjavik voted one of Europe’s ten hottest destinations by CNN Travel!

It’s still only January and Iceland is making travel headlines!

There's beauty on the inside too! Image by Hans Strand

New tours announced for Iceland’s Inside the Volcano adventure!

Another chance to experience the extraordinary descent into the lava tube of Thrihnjukagigur

Harpa Concert Hall, Reykjavik. Photo by  Roman Gerasymenko

Sonar Music Festival coming to Reykjavik!

You don’t have to wait until the next Airwaves festival to get your next fix of Icelandic music!

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