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DJ AnDre does the Danger-dance at Heiladans by Roman Gerasymenko

Heiladans! A Headtrip to Electric

If tickets to the show you wanted to go to have sold out then not to worry, there are still plenty of free gigs hosted in a number of cozy venues in Reykjavik. One such place is Hemmi og Valdi on Laugavegur road, which is where I spent an evening last week checking out some […]


Herd in Iceland

With the annual herding season coming up, it’s the perfect time for an equestrian teaser, don’t you think? If you love Icelandic horses you’ll love this trailer for a new documentary by Lindsay Blatt and Paul Taggart entitled ‘Herd in Iceland’; it captures beautifully the work of the herdsmen as they round-up the horses from their summer […]

Screen Shot 2012-08-30 at 01.03.44

I’m Not Such a Beautiful Landscape

‘I’m not such a beautiful landscape’ is the curious title of a rather unusual documentary I was recently invited to see by my good friend Joanne at Haskolabio. The film, which was directed by Emiliano Monaco from Italy, follows the everyday activities of two retired fishermen from the beautiful northern Icelandic town of Hofsos, who continue their daily routine […]

Live image from Glacier Lagoon by

Fireworks show at the Glacier Lagoon

Mila, the telecommunications company famous for their live webcam coverage of the Eyjafjallajokull eruption in 2010, have installed webcams in a number of famous location around Iceland, including Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, which is really fantastic news, because those of us who are not able to make it to the epic annual firework display  there tonight can watch […]

All Jazzed up by Roman Gerasymenko

All jazzed up in Reykjavik

The atmosphere in downtown Reykjavik was vibrating with big-fat-brass energy yesterday when Samuel Jon Samuelsson’s Big Band performed their air-fracturing fusion of Fela Kuti inspired afro-jazz-funk music. The crowds quickly warmed up to the brass-funky music and joined in enthusiastically with some hand-claps; there was also some serious head-nodding and foot-tapping going on. The band […]

Patti and Russell duet by Roman Gerasymenko

Russell Crowe and Patti Smith at Culture Night

While out celebrating Reykjavik’s Culture Night this evening we were treated a double surprise when Hollywood actor Russell Crowe did an impromptu gig at the XiD 977 Garden Party event at Bar 11. Together with his good pal Alan Doyle on guitar and backing vox, they performed a few original songs to a lively crowd […]

View from Videy by Gerasymenko

A visit to Videy

The balmy atmosphere of a late summer evening on Videy Island was sweetened further on Thursday night with the mellow tones of Hjaltalin chanteuse Sigridur Thorlacius and guitarist Gudmundur Oskar. Together they performed a superb set of golden oldies to a crowded Videy House, covering songs by artists such as Burt Bacharach, Ella Fitzgerald and Bob […]

August Illuminations by Agust Ingvarsson

August Illuminations

Get ready to be amazed by another early display of Northern Lights in Iceland! Around this time last year Melissa posted this great rare photograph capturing an unusual combination of summer and winter illuminations with both the Northern Lights and one of Iceland’s late August sunsets in the same image. According to the Aurora forecast […]

Gay Pride Parade

Gay Pride Reykjavik 2012

At 2pm today the colourful Gay Pride Parade begins it’s yearly procession from the BSI bus terminal on Vatsmyrarvegur to the main stage at Arnarholl, where many favorite local artists such as Pall Oskar and Hafsteinn Thorolfsson will be joined onstage by BETTY from popular T.V show the L-Word. The event attracted over 100,000 people […]

Floating hope by Roman

Hiroshima and Nagasaki remembered in Reykjavik

On Thursday evening many residents of Reykjavik gathered on the banks Tjornin – the Reykjavik pond, to commemorate the anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings. The hauntingly beautiful ceremony was attended by Mr. Inosuke Hayasaki, one of the survivors of the bombings in Nagasaki. The Reykjavik City Library is currently hosting an educational […]

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