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One of many river crossings on the Laugavegur

Hiking the Lava-ly Laugavegur

You may have heard of the Inca Trail, Camino de Santiago and the Appalachian Trail, all popular overnight treks with their own merits.  But did you know that Iceland has its own world class hike?  It’s called the Laugavegur and it’s only a three hour drive from Reykjavik to the most common starting point, the […]

Photo by Karen Thor.

Three Top Spots for Handmade Jewelry

  Reykjavik and its surroundings are brimming with handmade jewelry shops featuring local artistry of a very high level.  Here are some of my top spots. Sigga & Timo (Linnetsstig 2) is located in Hafnarfjordur, about a 15 minute drive from Reykjavik city centre, and features designs in gold, silver and other materials.  They will […]

Still from the film: Sigur Ros - Inni


The Reykjavik International Film Festival—RIFF—opened last night and runs until October 2. The opening film was Sigur Rós – Inni showcasing the band for a second time (the documentary film Heima also featured Sigur Rós and was RIFF’s opening film in 2007). Mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr introduced the film, its first screening since it […]

One of Erró’s works that doesn’t quite stick to the usual 2-d flatness of gallery walls.


If, like me, you sometimes wish you could climb into the mind of a world-renowned artist to see what makes him/her tick, then you might like the latest Erró exhibition at the Reykjavik Art Museum, on until 26 August 2012. Erró’s work has been on permanent display at the Reykjavik Art Museum since the artist […]

northern lights 110910

Northern lights snapshot

A PHOTO OF THE SKY ABOVE DOWNTOWN REYKJAVIK HALF AN HOUR AGO. I’ve often heard people say that the big disadvantage of living in downtown Reykjavík is that you never get a good dose of Northern Lights. I guess you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Hamer & O'Leary with Illgresi band members, Cafe Rosenberg, Sept.6, 2011

Reykjavik’s daily music scene: The Murphy Beds come to town

JEFFERSON HAMER AND EAMON O’LEARY DELIVER A SUPERB PERFORMANCE AT REYKJAVIK’S CAFÉ ROSENBERG. I last blogged about a couple of big names coming to Iceland next month, but it’s good to know that no matter when you visit, there are local and international live acts to choose from almost any day of the week. Last […]

Paul Young performing earlier this year.

Sinead O’Connor and Paul Young in Iceland this October.

Music from the British Isles: Sinéad O’Connor and Paul Young to perform in Reykjavík this October. Iceland’s annual mega music event, Iceland Airwaves (October 12-16), this year includes Sinéad O’Connor in its line-up. O’Connor’s debut album came out in 1987, three years before the singer/songwriter shot to world fame with her 1990 hit ‘Nothing Compares […]

Just drag into one of the pens any lambs with eartags beginning "19...". Easy peasy...

Iceland’s annual sheep round-up

Icelandic sheep are free to roam their region’s mountains and valleys for the whole of summer. With all that fresh air and varied diet, it’s no wonder Icelandic lamb meat is so tasty. This past weekend saw the first sheep being rounded up and driven into sorting pens, or réttir, and there will be round-ups […]